Liberty United
Phone: (818) 761 8888; Fax (888) 265 6889


Howard is the man! He’s been more than helpful, and trust worthy from the initial phone call, up until now. Fast and friendly customer service. He’s my go to guy on the Bounce n Boogee team!


Howard thank your for getting me the best deal possible. I really appreciate your efforts and ability to complete the whole process in such a short time. I would absolutely recommend your services.

Daniel Reyes
Jump N Play

GREAT customer service. Each request for a certificate of insurance is met with a cert. within approx. 5 minutes! WOW! I’ve never had that kind of service with any insurance company EVER! Thank you to Sam and Ara.


Thanks for help and all excellent service. Best insurance rates and customer support can be found only here.

i Moon Bounce Rentals

Sam provides such a wonderful and fast service. He provided me the ability to serve our customers in a speedy way. Providing me with affordable and professional service, he keeps me competitive and reliable. I would highly recommend Sam. He is the best we’ve ever had to work with, and we weill continue to be loyal customers. Thank You Sam U Rock!

TinyTanks Jumpers
Jumper Rental

I love the option I have of creating my own COI for my customers. Sam and Liberty United have been an essential part of our team!

Northern Virginia Party Rentals

Sam, has been very professional and efficient in his efforts to get us the right policy for our company! I would highly recommend his services!


I highly recommend Sam and Liberty United Insurance Services to any business. From day one, Sam has been extremely professional and responsive to all our needs. Sam helped us choose the right insurance and got us the best price. If you are shopping for the best insurance agent and insurance, call Sam!


I highly recommend Liberty United Insurance Services and Insure My Jumper, they got us a great deal on our insurance and made it extremely easier to get certificates and endorsements. The staff are great and they are always there to help you out. Give them a call and see for yourself, they’ll get you a great deal and help your business gain an edge over the competition.

Arthur Bagumyan

Honestly i cant say enough to explain my gratitude to Liberty United , first and foremost for taking the stress out of the whole insurance thing and secondly for being on point and friendly with everything else that goes along with it, thanks again for going the distance and making it easy for me to grow my business !

David Herrera

Sam, thank you for helping me get my insurance, it was very important for me, it has helped my business a lot, and also you listened to me like a friend and that help me feel more confident about my decision on doing business with you, thanks buddy…

Linda Perry

Sam is the best. He worked hard to get us the best possible rate on our insurance. He’s always there if we have a question[and we had a a lot of questions]!! We wouldn’t go with anyone else.

Marina Morales

Sam, We are very happy with your service. With your prompt responses we are able to give a better service to our customers. Thank you, very much.


Sam has been providing our company with excellent service. Every time we needed something whether it’s a request or price quoting he has always provided prompt service without no hesitation. Thanks again for all your hard work.


Sam provides such a wonderful and fast service. He makes our company better, by providing us the ability to serve our customers in a speedy way. Providing us with affordable and professional service, he keeps us competitive and reliable. I would highly recommend Sam. He is the best we’ve ever had, and we are loyal customers. Thanks Sam!


Sam was very helpful in getting me the best deal we could on my insurance,he is also very helpful with information I need a the drop of a phone call, again thank you for all your help.